Divided we fall

Sometimes, working together requires us to put aside our own beliefs and opinions for the good of the whole. When we do that, we become stronger. When we choose to stubbornly stick to what we feel, we stand the chance of being disappointed when our ideas and opinions are not accepted. But this is not the end of it….when we hold out from working together, for what ever reason, the group is weakened, and may fail.

It’s like presidential elections…..when we are divided in our thinking, sometimes the wrong guy ends up getting elected simply because we were not united enough to elect the right guy.

When we refuse to work for the good of the group, that group will be lacking the wisdom and strength that we could have offered. We may feel temporary justification in not becoming part of the group because it failed, but in the long run, how can we remain justified while the group fails?

If we live in a small town for instance, and we refuse to support the city council because we don’t agree with them, how do we really benefit when our small town fails?

However, if we were to unselfishly put aside our own disagreements in favor of showing support for our town….not only will our town be stronger and have success in the short term, but we will have more opportunities to work for change in the long term, but how are we going to work for any change if there is no town at all?

What good does it do anyone in a small town if that town fails?

The only way a herd of animals can fend of predators is if it can remain a strong herd. Those that stomp off because they refuse to be part of the herd will become likely targets of the predators who are waiting for just such division to attack.

A closed and narrow mind has no room for thinking that is sometimes required in order to meet challenges that are unique to us.  Working together with those that may not agree with us, opens our minds and makes room for new ideas and solutions that individuals oftentimes cannot see. Stubbornness, solely for the sake of being right, makes us weak individuals in situations that require the open-mindedness that comes from a group that works together.

I would rather be a small part of a strong group, than a great individual on my own.