You Don’t Know Me – But You Don’t Like Me

I have learned in my life that not everyone likes me.

This is something that didn’t take me long to figure out – even in kindergarten.

I used to be bothered knowing someone didn’t like me ~

There was that girl in kindergarten who wouldn’t share the finger paint with me and that girl in high school who made a point of switching classes to avoid me. Then there was that guy who spent 6 hours cursing at me on a long bus ride. If that girl in kindergarten had tried to be my friend, I would have most likely asked the teacher for more paint. And had that girl in high school not been so bent on avoiding me, I might have turned out to be a great study partner for her. And had that guy who used up so much energy and anger on me been a bit friendlier, I might have been inclined to share with him the last few dollars I had in my pocket to buy him a meal as it looked like it had been a while since he had the pleasure of spending money on something that didn’t come in a bottle.

I never did find out why these people didn’t like me and why they seemed to be bothered by my presence.

There was a time, back when I was still a prisoner of my youth, that I actually thought I had done something wrong, and in some cases, I made some pretty bad decisions as a result of this sort of thinking.

I’m a passive sort of guy….much to the surprise and consternation of my drill instructors in boot camp. They believed my recruiter made a big mistake enlisting me. I guess you could say I was an anomaly in the Marines.

So I’ve made it to a place of peace, tranquility, harmony.  

And I like it here…..I just feel closer to God here you know?

But now that I’ve been here a few years, seems I’ve acquired a list of people who, for no apparent reason, just don’t like me.

It doesn’t surprise me that people don’t like me, but what does make me scratch me head is when I think about those who show an active dislike for me without any justification – or at least not one that they are willing to reveal.

I don’t hold a grudge against anyone who has a dislike for me, but I wonder how many of these people could actually be my friend if they were to really know me and the circumstances of my life.


It seems to me that it’s much easier to love someone you don’t know than to hate them……..

Galatians 5:14