Why can’t we all just get along?

Seems to me this is more than just some left over sentiment from the hippy days when everyone with tie dyed shirts wanted to hold hands with everyone else.  When I was a child during that interesting time…I used to think all it took to overcome differences was a smile.


Since I’ve grown up (well, at least since I’ve gotten older) I have come to realize that things weren’t quite as simple as that..besides, they were happy mostly because of the pills they were taking (I was too young to see that part.)

I have reached a place where I have learned that it’s not about changing everyone else so we can be happy and comfortable with our own lifestyle…..it’s about accepting that not everyone lives like we do. Seems like a whole lot less hassle to just accept people who disagree with us!

If you see me walking around, I most likely will give you a smile – no pills – just a smile!