Adventures of Oma and Opa

When we found each other, Doris and I sensed something new in each other ~ and so a new adventure began!

Once I met Doris, I knew my life was taking a turn in a new direction. In fact, my life took a 45 degree turn in the direction of home. We came home to Oregon ~ Sumpter to be exact ~ and so this is where our adventure together really got off the ground.


After 10 years of getting used to each other and just when we were getting settled into a slow, quiet adventure – God took things to another level in making us Grandparents.

My daughter Shasta gave birth to a little person –

Charlie Mae Luker.

11149473_10153175990310482_3530744657305342402_nSo now, we are officially grandparents. We like to think of ourselves as Oma and Opa.

                (German for Grandma and Grandpa)

Sounds as special as being Grandparents feels to us!

Join us as we share our adventures in future posts – just go to the library ~ Adventures of Oma and Opa

So, ready or not, here we go…………