I’m Alright – No Need To Worry About Me

I’m okay – basically – except when I’m not. I admit that I don’t have the brain cells I once had rendering me slightly less understandable and therefore lower on the useful to society chart.

I am an old apple tree that just doesn’t produce as many apples as I once did.

No problem folks – I am happy just standing out here in the field in God’s view. Don’t pay me any mind – I don’t require your attention as I know you must have much more important things to deal with.

You say I don’t have as much appeal to the eye –

so don’t look at me.

You say I don’t have any apples worth picking anymore –

so find another tree that does.

You say I’m no good to anyone –

so what’s the harm in just letting me be?

I don’t block your sun, my leaves don’t fall on your property, no one is forcing you to eat my sour apples.

Seriously, why do you pay so much attention to me if I’m no good to you?