The Beginning

After 10 years, it’s hard to even imagine there was a time when I didn’t know Doris.

It’s like looking at the mountains and trying to imagine a time when they weren’t there. 

Part of the difficulty in recalling our beginning is that is was so long ago – but mostly it’s because I think the longer and closer you are with a person, your soul mate, the farther you travel away from the point where you met.

But there was a time when Doris and I had a beginning.

It was a beginning I didn’t see coming.

Kind of like the Titanic not seeing that iceberg in the water…..


We believe God brought us together – but because we were both somewhat opposed to meeting someone – again – God didn’t just bring us into view of each other – he made sure we smacked into each other head on! 

Next chapter ~

What does a mouse and a castle have to do with it all?

Stay tuned!


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