In The Beginning Part II

Before I met Doris, I watched her. Given my hesitation in allowing another female into my life, I was content with knowing more about her first.

Just listening to her was confusing at first because I couldn’t quite understand the words coming out of her mouth. She didn’t talk like anyone I had ever known before.

This confusion was made more complex due to my assumption that based on her appearance, she was a Mexican.

Imagine my surprise when I heard what sounded like German words coming out her mouth.

This air of confusion was cleared when I got to know Doris and learned she was not from Mexico but from a place much farther away.

Once I decided to swim into deeper waters with Doris, I discovered that she was actually from Germany and on her own – this despite having married an American soldier who brought her from Germany, only to lose total interest in her once he got home. His family was not much more interested in her than her husband.

Being the strong person she is (one of the very first traits about her that I really liked and was impressed with) Doris set her mind to doing what ever she needed to do to live in America.

I asked her why she didn’t just go home to Germany.

Her answer spoke volumes of the unquenchable spirit I grew to admire in her.

Doris had only been here a few years when I met her, but already she had grown to love our country; she was amazed at the opportunities that were so more abundant here than in Germany. She said she was determined to work hard enough to see if she could actually survive here on her own.

 And I thought leaving home and living on my own was a great accomplishment! 

Anyone remember the Mary Tyler Moore show?


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