CharlieMae Comes To Visit

It was a special time at our house when our granddaughter came to visit recently. This visit was even more special since it was the first time she visited our house.

CharlieMae made herself at home right away.

After a brief rest from her travels, CharlieMae felt it important to unpack her stuff.

Of course, after all that work, it was time for a bite to eat.

After the initial road trip and a day spent checking the place out, a soothing bath was in order!

After a good night’s sleep, CharlieMae started her day with breakfast out, then explored Sumpter a bit with a visit to Volunteer Park and got to visit our friend Cheyenne next door.

Before we knew it, the trip was over and it was time for CharlieMae to hit the road  – we can’t wait for the next visit!