In The Beginning Part II

In the beginning continued………. The Beginning Part I here

Meeting Doris was nothing short of God’s work. After all, I had sworn off women (I still liked them, just had grown tired of pursuing them) so the only way that I was going to ever meet the woman that God has planned for me was if he hit me over the head. Thankfully, all he did was lead me to where she was living – what’s a several hundred mile train ride and a move to another state – better than smokey bars and online dating sites, right?

So, I saw her, introduced myself to her and my life, as I had known it until that day, was KAPUT.

I sensed there was more to Doris than what I was witnessing when she came home from work each day. I could see she was frustrated, angry, and scared. I don’t think I could have ever gone to a foreign country, work 3 jobs and live on my own. Nope, just not something I could see myself doing. I have survived dang near everything – but I’m not sure I could play the cards that were dealt to Doris.

I wanted to get to know Doris – she intrigued me (I kind of liked that accent she had too) but if I was going to forge ahead through these unknown waters with her, I knew instinctively that I would have to chip away at the wall that she had built around herself since being abandoned in this country.

First, I needed to see what her beautiful face looked like with a smile! So, I decided to introduce her to a mouse. Not just any mouse, but one with really big ears. The kind of mouse that gives you a hug so big that it can melt any ice that may be freezing your heart.

You should try this – it really works! :)

Second, I could see no dream alive in her eyes at all. You know, the kind of dream that gives you hope and moves you – sort of like deciding to move to a completely foreign country or say, joining the Marines. I thought if Doris could just be exposed to some kind of fairy tale, she would be able to dream again.

The only place in the world that I knew of where a person can hug a big mouse and live in a fairy tale at the same time was DISNEYLAND.

Doris wasn’t sure – but I talked her into it –


mark doris and mickey

Of course, Mickey Mouse wasn’t the only one at Disneyland that made Doris smile!

Doris smiled, and smiled, and smiled…….

It was wonderful to see Doris smiling so much! It wasn’t long before her eyes started lighting up too! Doris even found ideas for a house where we could live!

doris at minnies house toon town

It didn’t take long to chip away the ice and know that we had both met someone we could share our dreams with!

mark and doris at toontown city hall

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