In The Beginning Part III


Oceanside California

In order to kick start my life in a new direction, I felt the need to return to a place that it all started for me.

Oceanside, California.

In fact, I not only started over once, but twice, in the same place, can you believe that? First in 1978 and gain in 2002.

Way back in 1978 I never even dreamed I would ever see the year 2002, let alone make another fresh start. In fact, 1980 seemed distant and unreal – sort of like a science fiction movie.

I was afraid I would miss the important part because I went for popcorn.

I never once considered – or even hoped – that I would meet a woman from Germany that would make me so happy and bring sense into my life.

It happened though.

Once we met, it felt natural to roam – to seek adventure.

But before we launched a lot of great adventures, we just stood still, took a deep breath, and enjoyed each other’s presence. We liked the feel of that.

Now that time has squeezed a few years in between then and now, Oceanside seems like a dream – but I know it all happened because I have pictures:


Next time – more about the first fresh start in Oceanside

circa 1978.

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