Mother who are you

Shas – you are the best mom I’ve ever known! 🙂




This is my CharlieMae

My free spirited, beatiful little girl

It has been a rough week

One of many tears from both of us

But I realized something out of this week

I can do this

Seems pretty simple, but was a big moment for

Then, today I had another moment that I am thankful for

I picked up CharlieMae from my Moms after school

I felt tired, anxious for having to have my Mother watch Charlie again and stressed

I walked in the doors and Charlie came running out to me, all smiles and giggles

She wouldn’t let me put her down

My mom told me that when she had called me, my picture was on the screen, she got so excited but then started crying when she realized it was a picture

I heard that and it hit me

She loves me

She wants me

I make her…

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