Snow in Sumpter

I will have to shovel it, slide in it, walk through it, put studs on our tires to drive through it, scrape it off the roof many, many, (many) times and yet…………

I love  the snow!

I say this with the knowledge sliding around in my head of the (few) people in the world who do not like the snow.

For those people I will try to keep my excitement and shouting to a relatively low level so as not to upset them.

Judging by my excitement to see the snow you would think I haven’t seen it for a while and yet I know that come April – I will be wanting to delete this post and throw my snow shovel away.

But until then – 

It’s snowing in Sumpter –


For those with whom I share a deep love of snow – here is a link to the Sumpter Valley Blue Mountain Snowmobile Club


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