Have A Good Winter CharlieMae

It’s been a great – if not too hot and smokey summer but alas the time has come that we must say goodbye for a few months as it seems that which comes between us has arrived.

We are so thankful that the miles are not so prohibitive of us visiting our daughter and granddaughter as often as we do throughout the summer but even as close as we are – winter is a barrier that comes between us.

We said our pre-winter goodbyes to CharlieMae and her mother Chinese-style again this year ~

Chinese Buffet – La Grande Oct 2015

CharlieMae was excited because her fortune cookie said that she would be sure to meet up with family again in the spring.


I’m not sure, but I think this “lets meet at the Chinese Buffet” thing is becoming a family tradition for us that makes sense, after all, it was where we saw CharlieMae after her first winter last year.

Chinese Buffet – La Grande Oct 2014

The first time we had to bid farewell to CharlieMae for the winter was the first week of Nov 2014.

And then we got to see her after the snow cleared and the sun started feeling warm again ~  can you guess where? 🙂


We’re excited because unlike last year – this year we are looking forward to the amazing technology of Skype that will bring us together often during these upcoming months of winter.


See ya’ on Skype CharlieMae –

feel free to invite your mom – we love to see her too of course! 🙂

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