It’s New Years – again

Seems like I was just mowing the grass a few days ago –

never mind my sense of lost time – I really meant to say


New Year’s Eve Party Buffet by Doris

We enjoyed a wonderful party here at home – good food and movies – but truth be told, I don’t think we were awake until midnight though. But what’s important is that we woke up in the new year right?

We enjoyed the last night of the year thanks to a great buffet that Doris put up for us and some fun movies!

I can’t believe it is really 2016.

I can remember when I was a young guy sharing my first new year’s eve away from home with a lot of guys in the barracks.

What a party – anyway, the New Year’s Eve party I remember the most was the one where we were all telling each other that we couldn’t believe it was going to be 1980.

We all thought we were about to be living a year from some futuristic science fiction movie (probably because we had just seen the first star wars movie in theaters.)

How many remember New Year 2000 and how some thought the world was going to end and all the calendars in computers were going to stop working?

and now – 2016?

Everyone talks into these hand held devices that resemble communicators from Star Trek –  and now we’re having video chats on computers that weigh less than 5 lbs. A character on Star Trek could push a button and have a meal delivered instantly. Now we can go shopping without leaving our chairs. A guy will deliver what we ordered from some place across the country (or the world) to our door.

Okay, so it’s not “instantly” – yet.

I always marveled at how captain Kirk could have video chats with people up in space on his hand held communicator. 

We can store tons of info on a little gadget smaller than my finger, take pictures with our phones that can fit in our pockets and keep all our money on a handy little piece of plastic.

We can make phone calls without any concern for how much the call will cost – that would have been real nice when I had to keep rolls of quarters in my pocket and stand in line for hours to use a pay phone in order to call home.

No, I’m not going to bore you with a long list of resolutions. I don’t make those kind of lists anymore.

Now, I just put on my snowshoes, walk out to where it is quiet and peaceful. I take in the beauty that God created and tell him how thankful I am that I am alive to be a witness to his glory. I thank him for giving me yet another year on this earth.


Rather than write a list of things that would make me happy should I be able to accomplish them, I am going to just be happy and content that there is a fresh new year ahead of me ~ again. That way, whatever God wills for me to accomplish, will be like adding icing to an already awesome birthday cake!

There are New Years celebrations that I am particularly fond of, one of which I would like to share –

Like when I got to spend new year’s day with my daughter Shasta and the awesome day that we had!

And of course, the most amazing thing about celebrating another new year’s day – is that this is the 10th new year’s day I get to spend with my wife!


I wonder  if 2016 is going to be the year that someone invents a lawnmower that operates itself.




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