What’s It Like To Be a Grandpa?

There was a time – a long time ago it seems, that I couldn’t imagine being a Father. Having a child of my own just didn’t seem real enough to ever happen to me.

Then one magical, blessed night it happened – like a quiet breeze on a snowy night – a little girl was brought to me – and the nurse informed me that it was indeed my daughter.

There were no other babies in the nursery that night so the kind nurses let me hold my daughter most of the night. As I marveled at this baby I was holding, my mind filled with scenes of her entire life until I thought my head would explode. But among all the dreams drifted another batch of more distant dreams –

dreams of someday being a Grandpa.

It was a bit surreal to be thinking of being a Grandpa while holding my first child in my arms.

Then my daughter – all grown up now – gave birth a few months ago to her own daughter.

So what is it like to be a Grandpa?