Snowshoes – New Year’s Day 2016

The first day of the year was sunny and not too cold so I took the snowshoes out for a walk.

The snowshoes are getting a workout this season – already on the trail several times thanks to a few good monster snow storms that left us more of the white stuff than we have had at this time of the year for a while.

I opted for a quick walk this time by following the SVRR tracks beginning at the Sumpter Depot to the Sumpter Dredge, then began following the atv trail that runs north-south parallel to the highway.

(click on the photos for enlarged viewing)

Snowmobiles usually follow this trail but so far this year, they seem to have abandoned it in favor of following the SVRR tracks all the way to the southern area of the dredge where they can meet up with the snowmobile trail that leads out of the dredge park.

I then crossed the highway to the Cracker Creek Museum of Mining where I followed the snowmobile trail leading to the Sumpter Meadows.

Following a short hike on a relatively level trail – I arrived at what I like to call the Sumpter Meadows Y.

At the top of this short and easily manageable snowmobile hill, you will find yourself facing the majestic Elkhorn Mountains directly in front of you, with a grand view of Mt. Ireland to your left. You will also see the Black Mountain range to the right of the meadows. Either way, you will have before you an expansive meadow that leads to the Sumpter Flea Market Grounds.

One look around the Sumpter Meadows and you will quickly understand why snowmobilers call this a winter playground.

If you continue walking North for about 15 minutes or so (depending on conditions) you will find yourself at the entrance to the grounds where you can find your way into to Sumpter in different directions. Here is where you can park your vehicle and take this hike in reverse. You can also exit the grounds slightly NW of the main entrance where you will find yourself on S. Bonanza St. which also will take you into Sumpter.

Total time for this snowshoe hike is about 1 hour depending on conditions.

If anyone would like to join me on the snowshoe trails in Sumpter, please send me an email.

Would be glad to have you along!

Until then, keep your snowshoes polished!